CulturalDC alums at CapFringe Festival

Need a “Beef Encounter”? Or perhaps an “Imagination Meltdown Adventure”?

CulturalDC alumni are popping up all over this year’s Capital Fringe Festival. Here’s a brief rundown of just a few of the pieces that feature work by CulturalDC Artists:

BEEF ENCOUNTER, a solo show featuring Claire Carroll, who was last seen as the benevolent caretaker in Source Festival 2012’s THE HOUSE HALFWAY.

GORGOUS RAPTORS presented by The Disreputables assistant directed by Nora Achrati, also from Source Festival 2012’s THE HOUSE HALFWAY and featuring Andrew Ferlow from THE SEE SAW (SF12)

ME AND THE DEVIL BLUES presented by Flying V written by Seamus Sullivan (BUNNY BUNNY, Artistic Blind Date, SF10) and directed by Jason Schalfstein (director of SPACEBAR, SF11)

MITZI’S ABORTION presented by The Washington Rogues, directed by Ryan Taylor (SF11 10-Minute Play director)

IMAGINATION MELTDOWN ADVENTURE by Pointless Theatre Company whose work you’ll see coming in the 2012-13 Mead Theatre Lab Program Season

DONNA HAS A BOYFRIEND by darlingtondance company, Artistic Director Hayley Culter (PRESSURE COOKER, Artistic Blind Date SF12)

THE CIRLCE by banished? productions whose works, TACTILE DINNER CAR and THE DOLLHOUSE were featured in the Flashpoint Gallery and Mead Theatre Lab Program 2011-12 Seasons

BEERTOWN by dog and pony dc, another Mead Theatre Lab Program Alum from the 2009-10 Season where they presented SEPARATED AT BIRTH

HAMLET by we happy few features the work of Hannah Todd (10-Minute Play director SF11) and Raven Bonniwell (Actor, SF 11 & 12)

THE WEBCAM PLAY presented by Junesong Arts and written by Timothy J. Guillot (WE FIGHT WE DIE, MTLP11-12), directed by Sasha Brätt, who directed Source Festival 2012’s QUALITIES OF STARLIGHT and featuring Steve Isacc (Actor, SF12)

WE TIRESIAS presented by Bright Alchemy is written by Stephen Spotswood (MTLP 11-12 alumni)

STONE AGE RECREATION: An Operetta presented by The Apron Theatre Company whose Founder is Source Festival 2012 10-Minute Play director Tyler Budde

WHERE IN THE WORLD? THE UNTOLD STORY OF CARMEN SANFRANCISCO is directed by Source Festival two-time Associate Producer extraordinaire, Patrick Magill and features Katie Nisch-Fairfax, last seen in QUALITIES OF STARLIGHT (SF12)

No doubt there are many more CulturalDC alumni working throughout the Fringe Festival…so keep an eye out and see who you can spot! For more information on all of the above visit www.capfringe.org.


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  1. avatar darlingdance says:

    Donna Has a Boyfriend is actually by darlingdance company, not Darlington Dance! Thanks!!

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