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May 19 – June 11

Mead Theatre Lab, 916 G St. NW, Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC– CulturalDC is pleased to present 10th Muse Production’s world premiere of Sioux Falls by Megan Dominy, a local playwright and actress. The play, a mature follow up to 10th Muse’s The Wedding Party (2015 Pick of the Fringe Winner), examines abortion access in a controversial culture war with humor and humanity.

In the journey to motherhood, timing is everything. A hopeful mother-to-be, a disaffected student, and an abused wife are all seeking an unusual destination: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The reason? Sioux Falls is the only clinic in the state which offers abortion services. Connected by a common need but little else, the three women’s paths unexpectedly cross and collide, as they battle personal demons, prophetic mermaids, and bureaucratic red tape. Sioux Falls destroys the simple narrative of what we expect women seeking abortion to be. Instead, it explores the complexity behind this difficult choice and how well government policies can adapt to human intricacy.

Originally conceived as a one-woman show, playwright Megan Dominy felt compelled to return to the piece and expand its story. The project was submitted well before the election, when the prospect of the first female President invited a different sort of reflection with the script—engaging areas of policy where Pro-Choice and Pro-Life camps could conceivably overlap (such as access to healthcare and family leave.) Post-election, however, the show grew more essential than ever. The women in the play surpass the headlines of “echo chamber” articles. They defy stereotypes from a Blue or Red newsfeed’s cautionary tale. These characters are complicated, funny, and imperfect individuals, and their situations deserve that level of consideration. The issue of Choice is not black and white, and the policies that govern abortion access shouldn’t be either.  “I’m thankful to the women who shared their personal stories with me, and to Tammi Kromenaker, the Clinic Director of the only abortion care facility in North Dakota, for her feedback on the script. I hope the show honors the women who face this choice and Tammi’s relentless work. And I hope the depiction is richly drawn with many ‘shades of gray’ consistent with the complexity of this subject.”—Megan Dominy, playwright


About 10th Muse Productions: 10th Muse Productions focuses on new works by and about women. Feminist and funny, 10th Muse explores the complicated lives of women and the complex relationships between them. Because every woman has a story.




Creative Team

Director: Rachael Murray

Lighting Design: Jason Aufdem-Brinke

Sound Design: Niusha Nawab

Set Design: James Finley

Choreography: Nora Rosengarten

Stage Management Team: Jocelyn Callister and Daniel Debner


Script consultation by Tammi Kromenaker, Clinic Director of Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, ND



Tess Higgins

Jonathan Rizzardi

Allyson Harkey

Seth Alcorn

Mo O’Rourke

Ali Evarts

Bianca Lipford

Jennifer Hopkins


Price: $10-$20


Sioux Falls runs approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, including one 15 minute intermission


About the Mead Theatre Lab Program

The Mead Theatre Lab Program offers intensive production and development assistance for performing artists, writers, directors, producers, and independent theatre companies. CulturalDC encourages artists to develop new, risk-taking work, explore the artistic process in innovative ways, and collaborate with artists working in a variety of disciplines. The result is an eclectic group of innovative, edgy productions, and an environment in which emerging performing artists can grow.

The projects were solicited through a competitive open-call. Selected productions were recommended by an advisory panel of prominent DC-area arts professionals including Thembi Duncan¸ Creative Programs Director at Young Playwrights’ Theater; Michael Kyrioglou, Theatre Services Manager Theatre Washington; Peter Miller, Board Member Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company; Tom Prewitt, Artistic Director WSC Avant Bard; and Debra Kim Sivigny, free-lance designer. The advisory panel also provides mentoring and professional development throughout the creation of each production.

CulturalDC is generously supported by, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, The Community Foundation for the National Capitol Region, Daimler, The National Endowment for the Arts, DC Office of Planning, AT&T, Washington Gas, Busboys and Poets/Mulebone, Susan and Dixon Butler Hank & Carol Goldberg, Lockheed Martin, Menkiti Group, Stephen Stein and VOA Associates.

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