Current Monroe Street Market Artists

1-OMB Play
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Only Make Believe (OMB) is a non-profit
organization that creates and performs interactive theatre for children in hospitals and care facilities. They strive to give these kids an opportunity to forget the world around them and have some fun through the therapeutic power of theatre, while helping them boost self-confidence and hoping to leave a lasting impact.  Profession actors visit the sites and bring a trunk full of handmade costumes that the kids are welcome to keep for themselves.  OMB has made their performances accessible to bedridden kids with their CCTV program and to kids with mental disabilities with their tactile/visual performance aids.

Laura Waters Hinson directs and produces documentary films about a variety of subjects, ranging from the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide to street food vendors and the American Dream in DC to female artists in the Victorian era.  She focuses on the intimate lives of the people in her films and enjoys following people who have a strong drive for social and political change while making it relatable to the viewers.

3-Stitch & Rivet
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When Stitch & Rivet designs their waxed canvas and leather bags, they are thinking of functionality and longevity.  Their products are designed for both men and women and are appropriate for both professional and leisure environments.  Founder of Stitch & Rivet, Katie Stack, and her 3 employees hand make all of their products, which are available in over 20 stores nationwide.


BozzutoPics 256
AK Arts is the shared project of husband and wife team Avner Ofer and Kate Krezel. Avner Ofer Photography specializes in images from around the world. Udacha Designs creates beautiful and functional one-of-a-kind pieces using reclaimed and salvaged leather.

A handmade and vintage studio and store front by Craftgasm and Beltway Vintage. Analog is dedicated to appreciating, upcycling and recycling the clothing, accessories and paper goods of yesteryear.
George and Bonita were both introduced to photography by their parents, George started in Vietnam and Bonita in high school. Together their experience adds up to over 50 years.  They use personal, life experiences to inspire their minimalist images which are minimalist in style.  They define photography as “the challenge of creating something that hasn’t existed previously.”

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The Center for Byzantine Material Arts (CBMA) practices the art of iconography by focusing on technical, theological and historical aspects.  They use a lot of ancient materials in their practice, such as historic pigments and gold on wood.  They also use paint, gesso and other materials which are made in house.  CBMA holds courses and hosts lectures, at which people can learn about iconography and the Byzantine world.

Victoria Milko and Morgan Hungerford-West share Wild Hand Workspace.  They met while working at Urban Outfitters and immediately hit it off.

Victoria Milko
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Victoria Milko is a multiplatform journalist who travels all over the world meeting people, experiencing cultures and writing stories about underrepresented global issues.  She is inspired when she meets people who are willing to share their lives, food, families and homes with her.

Morgan Hungerford-West
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Morgan Hungerford-West is an installation artist who creates immersive and engaging environments, with which she aims to engage the viewer.  Her installations are strongly 70’s and bohemian influences with warm and string-lit vibes.  Morgan works both online and offline to create platforms that assign value to creativity.


9-Cheryl Edwards
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Cheryl Edwards is a painter focusing on social justice, global cultural and environmental practices and experiences.  She has worked for 36 years to bring attention to social issues with her work.  She is influenced by her own observations and other people’s experiences.

Brian Dailey uses various media including the photographic process, digital film, installations and painting.

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Charles Bergen is a DC based sculptor and craftsman.  Charles Bergen Studios specializes in site specific public art projects. Works are available for public and private commissions. See more of his work at

Artist Maroulla Morcos is a sculptor who works primarily in stone.

13-Pfeffer Earrings
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Rachel Pfeffer is a jewelry maker that has been part of the Arts Walk since August 2015.  She enjoys making jewelry that brings a smile to her customers’ faces.  Her playful pieces are often inspired by her messy workspace.  If she sees a stone next to a scrap of metal that tickles her fancy, she will use that as the inspiration for her next piece.

Overhead_Marcella Kriebel_1
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Marcella has been an artist her whole life, growing up with both a mother and father who were active artists.  She is an illustrator and focuses on watercolor paintings of food, primarily.  She enjoys watercolor because it is a quick, simple process and she will never run out of inspiration with food as a theme.  Her work tends to conjure up narratives and she enjoys hearing stories about people’s affinity for brassicas, their disdain for horseradish and their love of donuts!

15-Marcelle's Coop

Marcelle Fozard + Annalisa Leonessa work in assemblage, digital imagineering, knitted sculpture, chicken icons, surprising jewelry, environmental interventions, hand-spun art yarn, book arts, art clothing and patterned language. The artists will host the Brookland Craft Cafe, yarn bombing events, workshops and meet-ups.

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Leda Black has experience with book arts, graphic design and photography.  Now she makes digital original prints, on both paper and fabric, which are based on photographs and approaches this practice with the combined prospective of her previous experiences.  She works mainly with Photoshop and often incorporates words, assembles collages and makes a variety of different objects


Artist and architect Hiroshi Jacobs founded HiJAC, a trans-disciplinary collaborative working between architecture, art, and technology. HiJAC’s studio is an incubation space for generating and testing ideas for new artistic interventions.

BozzutoPics 125
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The pottery ladies met through a bit of pure luck and bring different aspects from their individual pasts to their pieces.  Pegah, with a degree in graphic design and a Persian background, and Lisa, with a degree in painting and Mediterranean background, combine their individual talents to create forms with traditional eastern patterns, modern effects, desirable color compositions and an aspect of functionality.  They are excited by the prospect of sending functional clay pots that they have made with their own two hands into a variety of homes.

Artist Caitlin Phillips rescues unwanted books from library discards, thrift stores, attics and yard sales, and transforms them into one-of-a-kind book purses, wallets, tablet and e-reader covers.

Lisa Farrell, Michael Pierce + Carson Murdach all met working at the National Gallery of Art and enjoyed it so much that they decided to get a studio together.

Michael Pierce
Michael’s work is currently focused on photography, though he has had experience with printmaking, oil painting, watercolor, and furniture design/construction.  He is never without a sketchbook and strives to make art each and every day, whether or not it will become a masterpiece.  With his photography, he hopes to transport the viewer for just a minute to that particular spot by capturing the perfect combination of light and shadow.

Lisa Farrel
20-Lisa Farrell

Carson Murdach

Randy Mueller specializes in building, customizing and repairing brass instruments. Studio 21 is both his instrument repair shop and a space for music lessons and performances.
Karen Van Allen and Tamora Ilasat are painters and printmakers.

23-Cedrick Baker
Cedric grew up in a creative environment as a child and has always had artistic influence upon him.  After serving in the military he followed his dreams of going to art school and realized he had found his calling in the fine arts.  His paintings and multi-media work has a narrative aspect to it and should be considered contemporary modern with abstract expressionism influences and a minimal color field.

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ArtJamz is an authentic experience where people of all ages can create jamming works of art with the help of local artists in a lively, social art studio and lounge.  They supply all of the materials, canvases, drinks and guidance.  All you need to bring is your desire to create!  Their mission is to make the world a more creative place, starting with you.

Fred Joiner and Jon West-Bey cultivate and curate creative work to display the many ways in which poetry occurs in American life and beyond. Featuring public readings, micro- and small theater, writing workshops, small film screenings and more, the artists will foster the creative thought process they call Poetic Thinking.
Sue Wrbican is a visual artist working with installation, photography and video. The artist also works with Floating Lab Collective.


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Marta, the owner of LATELA Art Gallery, is a both curator and artist inspired by culture, travel and deep human emotions.  In her gallery she chooses to work with artists that are genuine and humble about their creative approach, and are prepared to work long and hard at their artistic career.  The gallery is a special place because it has a dynamic aspect to it which allows for the hosting of exhibitions, workshops, studio workspace, and more.