Creative community and collaboration are crucial assets for emerging arts organizations and small businesses. As part of the residency program at a CulturalDC venue, you will learn from, and work alongside, your peers, unlocking ideas and your creative potential. Applications to the residency program are accepted on a rolling basis.

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New options for part-time and virtual residency make the program flexible. CulturalDC provides you with the tools and resources of a professional work space, while allowing you the freedom to come and go. Apply for the residency option that best fits your needs.

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The organizations below base their operations at Flashpoint as part of the Flashpoint Residency program operated by CulturalDC.

  • Ambassador Theater International Cultural Center (ATICC)

    ATICC’s mission is to build international cultural awareness, provide a high standard of repertoire based on close relations with the diplomatic and cultural representatives of different countries in the United States, and develop interactive educational programs for the youth of the District of Columbia, DC Metro area, and around the US.

  • Arab America

    Arab America was founded with the purpose of promoting an accurate image about the Arab American community and the Arab world through the dissemination of cultural and educational information. With close to four million Arab Americans in the U.S., Arab America’s primary mission is to unify the growing Arab American community and to act as a “bridge” between the diverse Arab American and non-Arab American communities. Arab America provides the latest news, events, resources, cuisine, organizations, commerce, music, and digital media including Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. In addition, Arab America E-News is disseminated weekly to over 50,000 subscribers.

  • Pointless Theatre Company

    Pointless was originally founded in the summer of 2009 by Patti Kalil and Matt Reckeweg as a group dedicated to performing innovative and exuberant puppet theatre. Every one of their productions to date has the end goal of successfully merging ensemble work among the actors with puppets and the vivid imagery of stage design. Their company members strive to have no artistic boundaries or limitations. An ensemble approach to creating theatre through play and improvisation informs their work, and their performers’ boundless energy and intense commitment to their performances stems in part from this method of creating the piece. There is an overwhelming passion for the work they do within the Pointless family; it is intensely personal to all of them. They hope to charge their audiences with that passion and in doing so bring a new theatrical experience into the DC community.

  • Solas Nua

    Founded in December 2004, Solas Nua (new light) is the only organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to contemporary Irish Arts, with programming ranging from critically acclaimed theatre seasons to film festivals and literary events. The focus of the company is to introduce new Irish artists and their work to American audiences and to give both sides as many opportunities as possible to interact.

The organizations below base their operations at Source as part of the Source Residency program operated by CulturalDC.

  • Constellation Theatre Company

    Constellation Theatre Company is dedicated to creating theatre that is epic, expansive and essential. Visionary, expressive design and elevated language are combined with heightened physical movement and ensemble acting techniques. Like bright lights in the dark sky, Constellation illuminates the human experience in ways that are powerful, dynamic and relevant today.

  • The In Series

    The In Series has over a 25-year history of offering a unique and eclectic blend of theatre, opera, cabaret, poetry, performance art and chamber music. Each season The In Series showcases Spanish and Latin-American culture and the In Series is the only music organization in the region that annually produces zarzuela, or Latino light opera.

  • Washington Improv Theater (WIT)

    Since its re-founding in 1998, Washington Improv Theater (WIT) has been the fountainhead of a growing improvisational theater scene in the nation’s capital. WIT’s mission is to unleash the creative power of improv in DC and to engage audiences with performances that exhilarate and inspire. The revolution will be improvised.