_5122842 05.07.16 – 06.04.16 BRIAN DAVIS: TRY AND TRY AGAIN
rtp 06.10.16 – 07.02.16 Rainbow Theatre Project Presents: Get Used To It! (A Musical Revue) Click here for tickets!
02_The Code_Behind Closed Doors_Open_ small 06.11.16 – 07.09.16 ANNE BOUIE: IN THE TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENTS
FRINGE photo 07.04.16 – 07.24.16 Capital Fringe Festival Tickets, Buttons and multi-show passes will be available starting June 20 at capitalfringe.org and by calling 866.811.4111. patrons should email boxoffice@capitalfringe.org or call 866.811.4111, Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm and Saturday to Sunday, 10am - 6pm, with questions.
Thibault_these_things_meet_2014_18x36 07.16.16 – 08.13.16 KATHRYN THIBAULT: CULTIVATION/HARVEST/NEGLECT


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