Qualities of Starlight06.12.12 – 06.30.12
All shows at 8 p.m.: Tuesday June 12, Saturday June 16, Wednesday June 20, Sunday June 24, Saturday June 30

Source Festival
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Qualities of Starlight

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By Gabriel Dean
Directed by Sasha Brätt
Theo Turner is a young cosmologist on the verge. But Theo’s “big bang” isn’t theoretical. His universe explodes when he and his wife travel to the Appalachian South to deliver news about an impending adoption. They discover that Theo’s aging parents are meth addicts. Qualities of Starlight is a dark comedy about the expansion of the universe and the contraction of a troubled family.

This performance is part of the “Redeeming Demons” theme of shows in this year’s Festival. Tormented by malevolent forces both material and ethereal, this group of plays offers a glimpse into the darker side of human nature — from dysfunctional parents to playground equipment and homicidal cougars to the ghost of a well-intentioned eco-terrorist. Haunted by the past, these demons occasionally transcend their dark origins, and astonish us with their redeeming qualities. Explore “Redeeming Demons” and discover how the past defines us, and the ways we can and cannot control our own futures.

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