Thursday, 11:30AM-1:00PM

The Now of Social Media

An up-to-the-moment primer on best practices, strategies and methods for getting the most out of social media. Or, how to not waste hours and hours and hours of your time on the internet.

Feeling overwhelmed and obligated to spend time on social media technology without an obvious return on your investment? You’re not alone. Join Sydney Skybetter to learn the latest tips, tactics and strategies for your organization to get the most from social media, while avoiding classic Internet time-sucks. Learn how to prioritize your efforts amidst an increasingly volatile (and noisy) social media ecology.

Sydney Skybetter, technologist, choreographer and Founding Partner at the Edwards & Skybetter | Change Agency, will lead an ongoing brown bag lunch series and casual conversation around how creative organizations can get the most out of their investment in technology. Whether you’re thinking about trying to sell more tickets, solicit donations, track donors or generate buzz, we hope you’ll join us to get professional advice from one of the cultural sectors’ nerdiest thought leaders.

To better customize the session, participants will have the opportunity to email specific questions in advance. Please note that this is a BYO-Lunch event.

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