Rude Mechanicals08.04.12
Saturday at 8PM

Rude Mechanicals: The Last Five Years Benefit Cabaret

Mead Theatre Lab Rental

Featuring Morrigan Condo, Stephen Deininger and Samantha McEwen and songs from The Last Five Years as well as other popular musical theatre and jazz numbers.

Due to injury to Mark Allen, who was to play Jamie in the Rude Mechanicals’ production of The Last Five Years, this musical has been postponed until November. The Rude Mechanicals, a local theatre non-profit, have teamed up with Morrigan Condo, who was to play Cathy, along with acclaimed local singers Stephen Deininger and Samantha McEwen to put on a benefit performance in honor of Mark. Tickets will not be sold for this event, but voluntary donations will be accepted at the door.

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