Walter Reed Dreams


Walter Reed CampusCulturalDC has joined forces with residents and businesses of Ward 4 to present “Walter Reed Dreams,” a community-driven arts and culture tribute, featuring multiple activities as part of the redevelopment of the Walter Reed Campus.

In 1904, Major William C. Borden envisioned a complex that would combine medical treatment, research, and education together—the framework for the future Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It was called “Borden’s Dream” by a doubtful congressman. Here we are again, a century later facing another changed space with an innovative future. In the 100-year history of the hospital, we can imagine that there were countless moments of reflection and interaction, thoughts about mortality, duty, faith, and nearby residents who grew to love this anchor in their community. In the end, those who came before us have no way of knowing if we’ll remember them—their stories, their passions, the intricacies of their lives. It’s an act of faith that we must honor.

The stories, dreams, and insights captured from residents of Ward 4 will be highlighted by artistic experiences that will invite further community participation and moments for reflection. CulturalDC will host multiple events in Ward 4 leading up to a culminating community celebration at Walter Reed in the spring of 2017.
In celebrating Walter Reed’s past, present, and future, our first and most important job has been to listen; to residents’ stories about the way things were and to hone in on the love, wonder, and mystery the Walter Reed campus evokes as Ward 4 considers the direction of the site’s development for an intergenerational neighborhood.

We will invite all of the District to experience the strength of Walter Reed’s legacy through the community’s collective input, as it is translated by Ward 4 artists, musicians, and creatives. In the coming months the community will be invited to marvel at the spectacle of the site’s history, their neighbor’s stories, and the coming transformation of Walter Reed.

Join us and tell us your stories about the past, your excitement for the future, and all of things that comprise your Walter Reed Dreams.


Juanita E. Thornton/Shepherd Park Neighborhood Library
7420 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC 20012

Shared Stories will feature stories about Walter Reed. Hear from one of the oldest business owners in the area, a long-time resident, the community liaison for the campus, and an artist who archived the contents of the Walter Reed museum.


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