Flashpoint Gallery


Patrick McDough

reck room

An interactive investigation into the role of play in contemporary art, complete with Facebook quiz quilts and a Coors Light slideshow

Adam de Boer


A new series of figurative paintings based on the artist’s trip to a finca (farm) in Columbia with a palette inspired by Colombian Vallenato music

Adri and Cata on the Hill.jpg


Heather Bursch


A single-channel video installation referencing Martin Scorcese’s King of Comedy; comprised of a grid of tiny videos, each animated by the artist’s hand

Juan Tejedor

Standing Atop the Ladder

Sculptures and works on paper intersected with the language of taxonomy and categorization; an investigation into maps and topography; and the behavior of dynamic systems



Adam Dwight & Dana Jeri Maier

Off in a Corner

Dwight’s gouache paintings and rubber puddle meet Maier’s illustrated drink coasters for a two person show that effectively manipulates the line between fine art and illustration

Jenny Sidhu Mullins

Low Budget Mysticism

Interactive sculptures and paintings draw upon incarnation, Eastern spirituality, American society and cultural appropriation



Jenny Sidhu Mullins

Old fashioned, New media

A luminous group of emerging artists working in a variety of media, drawn from the DC-Baltimore environ

Janell Olah with curator Amanda Jiron Murphy

you make me nostalgic for a place I’ve never known

Hand-sewn forms slowly inflate, deflate and are lit from within to create a site-specific installation in dialogue with the gallery’s architecture

Janell Olah by Jenna Stamm.jpg


Mike Dax Iacovone & Billy Friebele

Curated by Heather Goss

FREE SPACE: A Communal & Interactive Survey of Washington DC

A participatory photo and video project that investigates DC’s city plan by Charles L’Enfant and engages visitors to contribute and collaborate as part of FotoWeekDC

Nicole Herbert


An intervention into the forgotten spaces of Flashpoint, Herbert will remind the viewer of overlooked areas and architectural elements with subtle drawings and three-dimensional works

1. Herbert.jpg