Flashpoint Gallery


Nellie Appleby, Vita Litvak & Amanda Sauer

Anima Mundi

Using photography, installation and video to revere, complicate and question the human relationship to the natural world

E. Brady Robinson


A territory where the social/cultural landscape, personal experience and pure aesthetics meet



Christopher Myers

Standing on Two Eyes

The abandoned sites photographed have been replaced by deluxe condominiums and big box stores the same way the tools Myers uses are being replaced by digital technology

Georgia Deal

Evade, Elude, Escape

The quirky works, compiled on handmade paper, exploit the properties inherent in their construction and examine themes of escape, home, shelter, fear and isolation



Julie Comnick

According To Their Kind

The mythical subtext of natural selection but leaves the viewer to reach their own conclusions about human intervention in nature’s plan

Lucy Hogg

Floating Faces

How and why we as a society read portraits through the filter of our own ahistorical views and preconceptions



Michael Dax Iacovone

The Numbers Behind

Michael Dax Iacovone investigates and chronicles his familiar DC surroundings through a rejection of traditional notions of composition, focusing his energies instead on composing formulas to capture the concept of space, resulting in mixed media photographic creations