Flashpoint Gallery


Dana Maier

Inscrutable Comics

A large-scale drawing installation that turns the entire gallery space into an absurdist comic, transporting the viewer into an otherworldly cartoonish universe

Gregory Thielker


Drawings, text and sculpture that documents the societal shift along the renovated Grand Trunk Road, one of India's ancient highways



Adam Hager

Personalities contained within mechanical objects that he collect

Cindy Cheng

The Hero and The Villain

Explores how actions of conquest and defeat can influence and transform the perception of land or space

Horizon, detail, 2012, objects and drawings, 36 x 48 x 12 inches.jpg


Emily Biondo & Bradford Barr

Touch Me

An interactive light environment that will encompass viewers in the physical interactions of two people

Judy Rushin

The Secret Life of Painting

As large artworks that are easily assembled, dismantled and shipped in small boxes, the modular project engages the idea of practical necessity, economy and marketing as a conceptual and material framework



Lindsay Pichaske

Everything That Rises

Explore notions of time, mortality and the relationship of humans to animals

Sonya Lawyer

A Peace (of the Dream)

An exhibition of vintage images celebrating color, design and texture overlaid with a narrative of fabricated memories, personal stories and universal truths