Flashpoint Gallery


Nicole Salimbene


Presents the act of mending as art medium, metaphor, and practice

Roxana Geffen


The installations invoke visuals of the domestic and digital through large photographs of real structures; images of real-life schedules and lists abstracted and re-created as carpets, quilts, and networks of fabric and tape; and large, reworked images from digital landscapes



John Moletress and Eames Armstrong

Explore the possibility that home can never be fixed or static, but a process that runs alongside our endless navigation of living

Sparkplug Collective

Selfie: Me, Myself, and Us

Work by the Sparkplug artist collective, who will alter and distort representations of themselves as a commentary on and critique of our society’s obsession with selfies


Walton. Match Enemy 00-00.jpg

Christian Benefiel

Delopment of an Argument

Work constructed and secured through tension and interdependent joinery, without glues or hardware

Blair Murphy


An excavation, an archive that draws on the built memory in and around DC’s downtown core to explore how artists have made space in the city and, conversely, how the city has made space for artists

soominham_sound of butterfly.jpg


Khanh Le

Making Memories as We Wait

Transforms everyday photo albums into colorful abstractions using metallic acrylic paint, gold gelly roll pens, sequins, babbles stickers, and acrylic crystals

Danielle Scruggs


Works trace a personal family history and explore the larger issues surrounding the Great Migration of the early to mid-20th century, which is directly connected to the lingering effects of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade



Annette Isham and Zac Willis

We Are Not Alone

Through eye-witness testimony, re-enactments, and video documentation, the artists create a celestial installation that explores the façade that mankind is alone on Earth