Art Tank is an artist challenge program that brings DC developers and artists together to design and implement art projects throughout the nation’s capital. With inspiration from the popular show Shark Tank, this program showcases a selection of 4-6 local artists who will present their ideas for an art project in the city that panelists will bid on in real-time during the art challenge session.


Increase visibility for your upcoming development projects in your project’s neighborhood

Expand your community benefits package with a one of a kind amenity

Customize a project to your site specifications


Starting in 2008, CulturalDC produced the award-winning Source Festival, which served as a vehicle for launching new plays and fostering the careers of emerging artists. After a decade-long run, CulturalDC brought the Festival to a close. Under the helm of Artistic Director Jenny McConnell Frederick, Source Festival became a staple in the DC theatre scene.

Everyone at CulturalDC is grateful to the 1,500+ artists that made Source Festival possible for the last decade. We are eager to see what grows from the roots we help plant in the Nation’s Capital and across the country.

mead theatre lab program

For 13 years, CulturalDC ran the Mead Theatre Lab Program in downtown Washington, DC. The performing arts program offered intensive production and development assistance for performing artists, writers, directors, producers, and independent theatre companies. CulturalDC encouraged artists to develop new, risk-taking work, explore the artistic process in innovative ways, and collaborate with artists working in a variety of disciplines. The result was an eclectic group of innovative, edgy productions, and an environment in which emerging performing artists could grow. Each season, projects were solicited through a competitive open call process. Selected productions were recommended by an advisory panel of prominent DC-area arts professionals who also provided mentoring and professional development throughout the creation of each production.