Dedicated experts with a passion for making DC a vibrant arts city.


Board of Directors

Chair Olwen Pongrace
Thorpe + Searl Communications

Vice-Chair Jessica Nigro

Secretary Ted Toon
US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Immediate Past Chair Maurice Perry
Bank of America Community Development Corporation


Avery Ash

John H. Brown, Jr.
Fine Arts Photographer

Tanja Castro
CastroHaase, PLLC

Julie Chase
Chase Communications

Vicki Davis
Urban Atlantic

Brin Frazier
American University

Todd Galaida
Man of the People

Hiroshi Jacobs
Studios Architecture & HiJAC

Samuel Lederer

J. Brooks Martin
Municipal Mortgage + Equity, LLC

Gerald Musarra
Lockheed Martin

David Shiffrin, Esq.
Arena Stage & Greater Washington Community Foundation

Sara O’Keefe
Decorative Arts