Pictured: A light-blue rectangular structure - a 40ft shipping container turned into a Mobile Art Gallery, sitting on a lawn at night filled with people enjoying themselves. The words 'Mobile Art Gallery' are on top of the picture.

CulturalDC brings vibrant visual arts to the front steps of DC neighborhoods 

CulturalDC continues its strong history of presenting cutting-edge artwork and emerging artists through a Mobile Art Gallery. By outfitting a portable shipping container as a multi-functional space for art CulturalDC ensures that communities experience and engage in groundbreaking works. DC's first Mobile Art Gallery will move across the District for the 2017-2018 season, with a new exhibit and free public programming in every neighborhood it visits.

current exhibit

Current Artist - Noa Heyne.png

Pictured: a barren rocky landscape with a single whale-oid shaped boulder perched on top. Words on the picture describe the current exhibit, "Noa Heyne's Posthumous Adaptations. Placed behind a plexiglass wall and in a sterile, lab-like room, the concrete creature is set in motion by hydraulic power and human weight. The sculpture is accompanied by an animated video to give spectators a view of what might be a remainder of an ancient past, or a glimpse into a far future.
Activating the concrete sculpture with hydraulics references water as the mobilizer of rocks, people, and land—as a force of life as well as destruction. The act of pumping water becomes an attempt to return life to a fossil or movement to an inert structure.".

A series of pictures including: DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton pulling string from Salvatore Pirrone's exhibit in the Mobile Art Gallery; a young girl in winter gear girl stamping a blue stinkbug print, made by Maggie Gourlay; a group of teenagers taking a selfie in front of colorful, comic-book inspired artwork by JD Deardourff; a young girl in a Step Afrika! t-shirt, smiling and pulling a string; a madrigal chorus sings carols outside the Mobile Art Gallery during The Smithsonian's National Zoo's ZooLights; people interacting with multi-colored, comic-book inspired art; The Washington National's Mascot, Screech, an American Bald Eagle in a baseball jersey pulls a string from the wall with artist Salvatore Pirrone; two women observe bug prints inside the Mobile Art Gallery; about a hundred people gather outside of Union Market by the Mobile Art Gallery, standing and sitting at picnic tables, listening to the Two River's Middle School rock band "Dr. Meniculosus" playing on an elevated stage.

Community Engagement

While many recognized arts centers are located Downtown, CulturalDC is committed to delivering high-quality art directly to neighborhoods throughout the eight Wards in the nation’s capital. The Mobile Art Gallery is building bridges of access to arts and culture for all. In each new location, CulturalDC works with key stakeholders like BID's, ANC's, community organizations, schools, Main Streets, artists, and more to provide an immersive experience. 

We throw a family-friendly Kick-Off Party featuring community performers, program free artist-led workshops, and work with the hosting organization to craft other neighborhood-specific events.

2017-2018 Season

Cultural DC, the String Room, Yards Park-5085.jpg


String Room | October 21, 2017 - November 15, 2017

Yards Park (Ward 6)

A sculptor, designer, and educator working in the Washington, DC area. His studio practice exists at the intersection of art and design with a particular interest in themes of play, work, and identity. Coming out of an architecture and sculpture background, Pirrone’s work looks at social, material, and experiential concerns situated in the built environment


CulturalDC at the National Zoo-1000108.jpg


Adaptation/Migration in the Anthropocene | November 25, 2017 - January 1, 2018

The Smithsonian's National Zoo (Ward 3)

Maggie Gourlay is a visual artist whose work includes both installation and two-dimensional media to visually research our narratives of home. This current exhibit highlights Gourlay’s concern with our larger home, the Earth, in hopes that it might provoke more thought and action to preserve our planet for future generations. Gourlay has exhibited her work widely, and has had artist residencies at the Vermont Studio School and Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center. She has been a semifinalist for the Janet and Water Sondheim Prize and the Trawick Prize, and is a recipient of purchase grants from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Gourlay received her MFA from Towson University and has taught art at Montgomery College in Rockville since 2010.




Uncanny Fantastic | January 10, 2018 - February 24, 2018

Union Market (Ward 5)

JD Deardourff is an artist residing in Washington, DC. In 2012 he received a BFA with an emphasis in printmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied under Karl Wirsum and Albert Ohlen. JD is interested in the vocabulary of comic book art: exaggeration, energy, movement, contour line, the interplay of sequential images, and, most importantly, artificial color. He collages this imagery into unpredictable, abstract, and bittersweet compositions that are simultaneously optimistic and apocalyptic.

JD has exhibited screen prints, collages, and paintings in Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC. He has been a Yaddo Fellow, an artist in residence at Emmanuel College, a Fine AIR at the Strathmore Mansion, the resident artist at Open Studio DC, and is currently an emerging art fellow at the Touchstone Foundation for the Arts. In addition to his personal artwork, JD has worked with commercial clients including Burton Snowboards, Converse, DC Comics, Misfit Juicery, Honeygrow, Cava, Sweetgreen, and the DC Department of Public Works.



Posthumous Adaptations | March 3, 2018 - April 13, 2018

Bruce Monroe Community Park (Ward 1)

Noa Heyne is an interdisciplinary artist working in Baltimore, MD. In her work, Heyne uses sculpture, animation and mechanical systems of interaction to explore the manifestation of movement in natural and urban environments, as agency, circumstance or obstacle. Her sculptures and installations emphasize the physical engagement of the visitors with the objects around them, and the memories carried by the body through visceral experiences.
Originally from Israel, Heyne moved to Baltimore in 2015 to study in the graduate program at MICA, and received her MFA from the Rinehart School of Sculpture in 2017. Her work has shown in Israel and the U.S, and is in private collections in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London, New York and Baltimore. She currently teaches at MICA and is a fellow of the LAB (Launch Art in Baltimore) grant. Heyne is a 2018 Baker Artist Award Finalist.


Amanda Burnham.png


Block Watch  | April 2018 - May 2018

The Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum (Ward 8)

Amanda Burnham is an artist and associate professor based in Baltimore, MD. Burnham received her BFA from Harvard University and MFA from Yale University. Burnham is interested in exploring the darkly comic, absurd, and idiosyncratic personal iconography in the built world. Composed of collaged drawings transposed onto built wooden structures and then carefully lit, Burnham’s work is part theater set and part sculptural drawing.

Burnham has received the Creative Baltimore Fund Award and an Individual Artist Award from the Maryland Arts Council. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Switzerland, New York, Miami, St. Louis, and has featured extensively in the DC metro area. Additionally, she was an artist in residence at the Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva, Switzerland in 2015 and Swatch Peace Art Hotel, Shanghai, China in 2015.