monroe st arts walk

The Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market features 27 artist studios on a pedestrian walkway located right next to the Brookland-CUA metro stop. The artists featured on the Arts Walk represent a wide range of disciplines with multiple studios offering classes and workshops for aspiring and established artists. CulturalDC developed the concept of the Arts Walk, the financial strategy, and contributed to the design of the multi-use arts complex, which includes the 27 studios as well as the 3,000 sq.ft flexible arts space, Edgewood Arts Building. CulturalDC was hired by Abdo Development and continues to manage the Arts Walk with Bozzuto Management. The Arts Walk opened in 2013 and has been flourishing ever since. Currently 40 artists collectively rent the 27 studios and there is an active waiting list of 70+ artists for this popular affordable enclave.