CulturalDC brings GROUNDBREAKING PERFORMING ARTS to DC neighborhoods 

With thrilling performances in unconventional spaces, CulturalDC's Performing Arts initiative promises intrigue, interaction, and innovation. Our p(art)ners are primed to make a big splash on the DC cultural scene. From music and dance collaborations, to devised cabarets to supernatural puppetry, there is something during the season for everyone.



Use All Available Doors is a new play following a soon-to-be-decommissioned WMATA train car, a grieving operator re-evaluating her life’s path, and a revolving door of passengers as they travel the length of the Red Line, with vignettes performed between each stop. Vignettes  include but are not limited to: a parade, a sing-a-long, and unsolicited foot washing (that one’s a true story).

The play aims to recreate the feeling of riding the Red Line, but that doesn’t mean Use All Available Doors is always realistic—true stories meet absurdity in this valentine to the DC Metro and its riders.


Transit Website-02.png

TRANSIT is an original dance-theater work that asks–as we move through time–what bridges our intangible interior lives with the physically constructed environments we have built.

The piece uses motion capture technology to inform the animation of the projections which cover the interior of the tunnel surface. The dancers evoke our interior worlds while the tunnel walls, and the narrow and linear nature of the space evokes, the external world and our journey through it.

Transit is supported by CityDance. TRANSIT will be created and presented through a Performance, Event and Festival Grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and with the support of CityDance.